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We reduce your international payroll headache down to 1 invoice a month. Simple. Compliant. Fast.
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Are you hiring someone abroad and don't have a branch there? You want to outsource your international payroll? You don't want the headache and hassle of setting up a new branch in a foreign country or dealing with the foreign authorities? We have the solution.

As a global payroll provider, we hire the employee for you and take care of all the social security deductions, taxes, pension benefits and turn it all into one simple monthly invoice. The employee works for you full time without you having to establish a new office.

This sort of company is called a PEO - Professional employment organisation. Using a PEO makes hiring a new member for your team easy, simple and compliant with local labour laws.

Hiring a new employee in a foreign country can be costly and complicated - navigating local laws and compliance can be a hassle in a country that is not your home country.

Discover how working with a PEO can make onboarding a new team member simple and straightforward. Contact us to get a quote for the country you are interested in.

new member

You decide on your new team member

new member

We hire him for you and let him work for you full-time

new member

We take care of all the paper work

new member

You have a new team member without having to set up an entity in a foreign country

We help companies to grow their business in 187 countries
Learn the rules and regulations of doing business in every country in the world
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HRsolution is based locally but is at home in the world

Your advantage in working with us:

  • Hire anywhere in the world – no fuss, no legal entity!
  • Our team is multilingual
  • We work hard to resolve your particular problem
  • We are efficient and reliable
  • We are quick to respond

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Outsourcing your foreign payroll will make things much easier for you in the long run. Learning new labour laws and staying compliant can be costly, time-consuming and may result in compliance failures and possible fines. Don’t take the risk but instead give it to the experts and let us handle your international payroll. Check out the services we offer below and contact us with any possible questions.

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